Hanna’s Letter Essay 8

I just finished Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend a 311 page novel by Matthew Dicks. Matthew Dicks has written four books and has been an elementary school teacher since 1999. Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend was published in August 2012 and was nominated for the Goodreads Choice Awards Best Fiction. This book was also nominated for a nutmeg award in 2017. I decided to read this book because my mom recommended it to me.
Budo is the imaginary friend of Max, Max is different from other people he doesn’t process things the same way as other people do. Budo has been alive for 5 years which is really old as far as imaginary friends go, most imaginary friends disappear when the child doesn’t need them anymore. When Max starts keeping secrets from Budo, he decides to investigate and then discovers being imaginary isn’t always the best thing. When Max goes missing Budo is the only one who knows where he went, is he enough to save Max?
I liked the way the author wrote the book. It was in Budo’s perspective so you could see all the things he was seeing and feel the ways he was feeling. In the end the way the author wrote you could tell he wasn’t just a figure of Max’s imagination but a person to help Max get through was he was going through.
The character development is really cool to read about because in the beginning of the book Max wasn’t really function able by himself but by the end of the book he could solve all of his own problems and think for himself.
I wish that the author ended didn’t add an epilogue. I feel like the book’s ending was fine but by adding the epilogue it might of confused the readers because it definitely confused me.
I was interested in this passage:
“ ‘This is what a sniper does,’ Max whispers ‘ He lets the enemy soldiers walk right by before they attack.’
‘ You can’t attack her.’
‘ No. I will wait until…’
Max stops talking as the sound of footsteps rustling in the leaves reaches us. A second later, the flashlight passes over the rock where I am sitting and where Max lies buried under leaves.
I look up. I can see her now. I can see her outline in the moonlight. She is close. Fifty steps away. Then thirty. Then twenty. She is walking quickly as if she knows exactly where Max is hiding. If she does not change direction, she may step right on top of Max.
‘Max,’ I say. ‘Don’t move. She’s coming.’
As sit and wait for Max to be caught, I think about Max’ decision to hide under the leaves. This is what snipers do, he said.

Max read a book about war. Actually, he has read a million books about war, but now he is using what he read to save himself. In a strange forest. At night. With someone chasing him. And with his best friend insisting that he is not real.
He is not stuck.
It is almost unbelievable.” (pg 287)
I chose this passage because if you have read the book you can really tell how Max has developed throughout the story. You can also tell how Max and Budo communicate to each other. I rate this book a 7 out of ten.


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3 thoughts on “Hanna’s Letter Essay 8

  1. Dear Hanna,
    I really liked your letter essay and how you described the book. It gave me enough information about the book with out giving it away. Nice job!

  2. Dear Hanna,
    Your letter essay was well written. I really like how you included lots of information on the book and made it interesting. This book seems good. I’ll have to read it.

    -Zachary Shortt

  3. Dear Hanna,
    I found your essay to be very entertaining to read. Your description of the novel gave me the impression that this is a very unique book. Overall a very well written piece
    -David Cusick

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