Letter Essay 8: Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Letter Essay 8: Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Dear blog,

For the past four weeks , I have have been reading the book Allegiant. It is  526 pages long and is the third book in the divergent series. Also it is third second ever dystopian novel. This book was given 3 and a half stars,and over 500,000 voted on this book.. This book was nominated for many wonderful awards including  “Favorite Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction and Author of 2012 in 2012’s Goodreads Choice Awards. It was also nominated at Children’s Choice Book Awards for Teen book of the year and Author of the year. One of the main reasons why I read this book was because I read the book Insurgent two week before and I really loved it. Also because we were in the middle of a dystopian literature unit and I really enjoyed Insurgent. I was in the zone for some great Veronica Roth novels. Another reason why I am reading this book is because many of my friends have told me how great it was. Such as James he started to read the book right when I started it The suspense of the book is unbelievable and there were many twists and turns throughout the book. The last reason why I read the book is because I saw the movie a few weeks before. The movie Allegiant was one of the newest movies in theatres. In the beginning of the movie it really explained to me that the book was going to be even better. Overtime I could see how much the characters changed from Divergent all the way to Allegiant.  At first I was reading the book and thinking that it was going to be a great happy ending, but I was way wrong. Overall this book really showed me how loving Tris Pryor was as a character. Finishing this book made me really proud of myself.

For a recap of the first book Divergent is the first out of three books about a dystopian world where everyone is divided into five factions, based on their personalities, Abnegation (selfless), Candor (honest), Amity (peaceful), Erudite (intelligent) and Dauntless (brave). Although Beatrice was born into Abnegation, all citizens, once they reach 16, take a test to determine the best place for them and then they must decide—and so she is faced with a choice. Most stick with the life they have always known, choose a different faction from their parents and are then forced to leave behind their past life—friends, family, moral codes—to join another. When it’s time to decide Beatrice decides to leave Abnegation for Dauntless and there she calls herself Tris, everyone is shocked. In a faction where blind courage, brute strength and total fearlessness are valued, above all else how can a abnegation girl survive in such a tough environment? Her test results were inconclusive so basically she had the choice between all 5 of the factions. Tris and struggles alongside her fellow initiates to live out the choice they have made, (training days). Together they must undergo extreme physical tests of endurance and psychological simulations, some with horrible consequences.

Now to recap second book… Tris and her friends need to hide right away. They’re fugitives from what passes as the law around here because they are known as the people who rebelled against the government. They find refuge in the Amity compound. Tris’s first action, after her wounds are tended to, is to cut her hair, Lifetime Original Movie-style. She becomes her self like the old days as a factionalist. With her new shorter haircut, Tris feels daring (or should we say Dauntless?) enough to track down her boyfriend Tobias’s father, Marcus, and try to figure out exactly what he’s up to. Their main mission is to hack into Jeanine’s computer and find out how she is going to destroy all factions. Throughout this book she encounters many family problems including her brother going against her and running tests on her. He is trying to open the box to find the truth about the divergents?

The third book all starts off with Tris in a prison inside a prison.  she’s in an actual jail cell for going all traitor in the last book and revealing information that has changed the city forever.  After Tris lies her way out of jail, she’s approached by a group called the Allegiant, whose goal, conveniently, is to get out of the city. This plan is looking better and better because Evelyn, Tobias’s mom, is enacting stringent rules to keep the citizens of the city under her control. The outside world looks pretty much the same as the inside world, just with more advertising and more ruined buildings. The group meets a patrol consisting of newcomer Zoe and Tobias’s presumed dead Dauntless trainer Amar. They take everyone to the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, which is housed inside what used to be Chicago’s O’Hare airport. But this summary is nothing without all the action…, Tris decides it would be a good idea to let out the memory serum on everyone in the Bureau first.  Whoever enters the room housing the memory serum will inhale death serum and die. She decides to release this and somehow she does not die, but all of a sudden she is show by a guard and dies.

Overall Tris changes so much in this story. She risks her own life in order to save her friends and family. She also has become more friendly and became much more kind. Giving up all of these things is such a hard thing to do and she stills does it. The book really affects me on how bad I feel for Caleb because he is now all by himself.

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2 thoughts on “Letter Essay 8: Allegiant by Veronica Roth

  1. Dear Tyler,

    You did a nice job on your Letter- Essay. At first, I didn’t understand what you meant by “three books,” but now I get it (each book is 200 pages). I think you could improve this by just clarifying that. Also, make sure to check your spelling/ grammar, because in the first paragraph, since I’m not sure what you were trying to say by “Also it is the third second ever dystopian novel.” The length of your Letter Essay was good, and also you had a lot of reasoning for why you read the book and went in- depth on each book. I enjoyed reading this.


    – Matt Urso

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