Music Appreciation: Imagery : Best Day Ever

Imagery, Personification (0:05) (1:01) Every Flower Every grain of sand is reaching out to shake my hand.

Explanation: This song from the Nickelodeon TV Show Spongebob Squarepants, has a lot of personification. The first lyric of the song is, Mr. Sun Came Up and Smiled At Me. This is personification because the sun cannot smile. This gives human actions and expressions to a non-living thing. Also, at 1:01, there is more personification.  Every Flower, Every Grain of Sand, Is Reaching Out to Shake My Hand. A Flower and a Grain of Sand can’t shake a hand because it is not human. Again, SpongeBob is giving human characteristics to things that are not human.

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1 thought on “Music Appreciation: Imagery : Best Day Ever

  1. Dylan,
    I really liked this song that you picked. Ur personification made a lot of sense. It was really creative and good. I completely agree with you. Good job.

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