Music Appreciation: Imagery 7 Years

7 years is a song that was released in 2015 and it is by the band Lukas Gram. It is there first oversea hit because they are from Denmark.

note at 3:03 it say the bore but the real lyric is warm. There also are some other errors but this was the best lyric video.  I could find.

This website shows all the lyrics with no errors.



I only see my goals, I don´t believe in failure. Cause I know the smallest voices, they can make it major.

The song is an allusion because it does mention that he has gone through critics and haters (I guess that is the word) but he does not go into the details of his life´s problems. He just says that he has to move forward. He cannot focus on mistakes and he just looks to his goals and future. This could also be talking about how in his head he maybe fearing messing up or not meeting his fans exceptions. Some people may fall to this but he is ignoring it and is moving forever and trying to improve.

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