Harbingers of Summer/Seventh Grade Science Sabotage

Yesterday, I was standing, outside, by the exit door at the end of the eighth grade hallway. “Recess” was ending – in fact, it was over, as the bell for Period 8 had just sounded. There was a group of boys strolling toward the building, still a ways off, so I said, “The bell rang,” because, well, the bell had rang and those boys were, well, still outside, which is not inside, which is where the classrooms are. One of the boys said, loud enough for his friends and for me to hear, “I don’t care.” As they got closer, I asked the boys about that comment and one of them replied, quite honestly, “That’s how you know it’s almost summer.” Ah, yes: we know we are at the end of year not because it is Memorial Day weekend, but because students feel it is okay to blatantly disrespect a teacher (and their advisor, no less). Well, if that’s a harbinger of summer, so is this (though much less light-hearted): the pranking of a teacher by their fellow teachers, as caught on the video below. Enjoy.

p.s. I get it. I was an 8th-grade boy, too. I just don’t think it’s right.

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