Robbie’s Letter Essay Number 8 Diary of A Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules

Dear Edublogs,

In the book Diary of A Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules written by Jeff Kinney there are 217 pages and it is a comedy style book.

The book is about a middle school boy who obvious by the title, not so cool. He only has a one good friend in his school, his name is Rowley together they are best friends. In the book Rodrick and Greg are always broke so their mom creates a money system called mom bucks, they can cash that in for real money just a lot less. Rowley finds the same money Greg’s mom uses for their mom bucks. Greg takes it home and hides it under the mattress, Greg forgets to do his homework assignment and pays Rodrick to get his sheet, Greg pays him 20,000 mom bucks but his mom finds and out and confiscates all of his fake mom bucks and real ones. Rodrick throws a party and locks Greg in the basement for the whole time. Greg gets very annoyed at Rodrick for doing that and begins to hate him. Like the name of the book. Greg isent very popular in school either, he only has one true friend Rowley, and when he gets back from summer vacation he has to get rid of the cheese touch that he got last year. So everyone avoids him, accept on person. The new kid at school, Greg finally gets the chance to get rid of the cheese touch and finally get some more friends.

“Monkeys can’t talk, stupid!”
― Jeff Kinney, Rodrick Rules

This quote shows how mean some kids in middle school can be, it shows how annoying some kids can be. This was told by one of the jocks to Greg after Greg tried to talk to him. This sounds like something someone would say at HKMS. I would rate this book 6/10 because this book is directed towards more younger kids rather than older. But still a good quick, easy and sometimes funny read.

From Robbie

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