Caden’s (S) Letter Essay #9: The Ranger’s Apprentice

I have recently finished the book The Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan. John Flanagan is a prestige author that has wrote the entire Ranger’s Apprentice series, this series has up to twelve books, all consisting of the Fantasy genre.He has also written the series Brotherband. He is now 72 and retired. He has three children. This writer really engrossed himself into his books and really improved upon his writing style of fantasy. This book is historically accurate in some areas and consists of make believe creatures in others. It contains great elaboration and even greater inner thinking that develops in the story. The development of the characters is what really brought the book to life. The main character(Will) begins as an undisciplined teenager who would like to join the army, but later learns to realize that he was never meant for the army. It was destiny to join the ranger corps.

This book is about a 17 year old boy named Will, he is an orphan who lives in a castle run by a Baron. His one desire is to become a strong militarily like his father, who fought for the Baron. But there is one problem with this plan, he is different from his father, he is much smaller. His group of friends begin to get selected for their new occupations, but no leader is deciding to pick him. Not the chef, general, or even the farm hands. So one day a shadowy figure approaches the baron and ask to take him under his wing. Now Will must fight but in a new type of style, the Rangers style.

One of the best parts of the book is when Will sneaks along the shadows to spy on the baron. This really shows the great lengths Will would go through to find out his occupation. It also shows how important it is and how big of an impact it will have. “ Will stepped cautiously for shadow to shadow. He almost caught the eye of a guard but dodge his sight at last minut. He began to scale the tower containing the Baron, hoping to cat a glance of who his mentor is.” That passage fell on page 36.

This book helped me get closer to complete the 40 book challenge. This was one of my goals for this year. Although I did not complete this goal I did complete my other goal which was reading more books in the genre of poetry I completed this goal by reading more books containing hakuis and reading a few sets of poetry books. These two goals have helped me expire new more genres of books giving me new expieriences, and even helped with my reading comprehension. It also helped me with my reading speed and capabilities.

I read this book because fantasy books interest me. I like the creativity involved in making these type of books. I have also heard good recommendations and decided to read the back of the book and enjoyed it.

I rate this book a 9 out 10 because of its great elaboration and great detail. It has showed a lot of character development which is something very important in novels. I really enjoyed reading and I hope anyone who reads this book and enjoys it is much as I did.


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