Bio-Poem : Ashley G.




Sarcastic, comical, loud, outgoing

Daughter of Beth & Tim, sister of Connor

Lover of cold weather & winter, writing short stories & poems, and mostly scripted & dramatic reality tv shows.

Who feels thankful for family, memorable moments, and everything the world has to offer

Who finds happiness when listening to music, spending time with friends, and traveling in and out of the country

Who needs laughter, joy, and silliness

Who gives sympathy & comfort to anyone who needs it, kindness, and a shoulder to cry on

Who fears clowns, ducks & geese, and any type of bug

Who would like to see a Panic! At The Disco concert, people treat each other with respect & kindness, and the Eiffel Tower

Who enjoys going to Savannah, Georgia, cheerleading, and competitive rifle shooting

Who likes to wear baggy comfortable, over worn sweatshirts, long cotton pants when sleeping through all seasons, and high waisted jean shorts throughout the year

Born in Milford CT, resident of Easton CT


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1 thought on “Bio-Poem : Ashley G.

  1. Ashley,

    I really liked your piece. It was very well written and I really liked when you said you enjoy going to Savannah, Georgia, cheerleading and competitive rifle shooting because I feel like the rifle shooting seperates you from others in a good way. One thing to work on is just to be a little more specific on you words


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