Bio Poem: Danylo



Proud, smart, industrial, strong


Son of Eugene and Julia, brother of George and Evan


Lover of Science, progress and life


Who feels thankful for life, his luck and for his friends


Who find happiness in life, Books and his progress


Who needs work, happiness and his technology


Who gives help to his family, friends and people in need


Who fears bugs, the government and the direction the world is heading in


Who would like to see Putin get arrested, Ukraine to get better government and himself

growing a moustache.


Who enjoys life, research and technology


Who likes to wear shirts, polo shirts and fancy suits


Born in Kiev, resident of Kiev

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4 thoughts on “Bio Poem: Danylo

  1. Danylo,

    I really liked the line where you said you would like to see yourself growing a mustache. I’ve known you for a long time and seeing that you included the fact that you want to grow a mustache in your bio-poem just made me happy.


  2. Danylo,
    I also really liked the part where you talked about the mustache. You are a very good writer and I hope you have a great year here in 8th grade. I like how you talked about your family and how you need them.
    ps :Your MLG

  3. Rib,
    I like your piece, thank you for creating it. I like the line where you say you would like to see Putin get arrested. It’s a good line, because I never really thought of that myself. To improve it think to yourself: how would you like to see Putin get arrested? By the police, or the government? If you write like that, people can get a better understanding of your ideas, and who you work.

    Matthew Johnston

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