Bio-Poem Maddie D.


Creative, Inventive, Energetic, Artistic

Daughter of Kelly and Charles

Lover of buying school supplies, being myself, and the beautiful red, orange, and yellow leaves in fall

Who feels thankful for good friends to be there for me, the comfort of family

when I am at home, and the changing seasons all year around

Who finds happiness in people, enjoying the holiday with

family and friends, and in sunny fall days

Who need the kindness of my family, the comfort

of my cat Mini and Bobbie and the 2 days that we have after a five day week

Who gives kindness to everyone,

oreo fudge to my friends, and homemade food around the holidays

Who fears the loss of the ones closest to me, the loss of my cats, and the loss of school

Who would like to see the world, other people happy, and very much the aurora borealis

Who enjoys jumping on my trampoline, fall days outside, and food on the table

Who likes to wear pajamas all day

on the weekend, casual t-shirts

during the week, and sweatshirts in cold weather

Born in Norwalk, resident of Easton


ca. 1980s-1990s, Weston, Vermont, USA --- Detail of Tree With Fall Foliage and Swing --- Image by © Peter Finger/CORBIS

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1 thought on “Bio-Poem Maddie D.

  1. Maddie,

    You did a really great job on your poem!
    I loved how you added a ton of description and details. I learned a lot more about you than I already knew. For example, I didn’t know that you enjoyed buying school supplies and that you wanted to see the aurora borealis. I also didn’t know that you had 2 cats and I liked how you included their names in it.

    Great job!!!


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