Bio-Poem: Mia P.


Kind, Funny, Intelligent, Talkative

Daughter of Peter and Lori, only child

Lover of country music, shopping, and dogs

Who feels thankful for Netflix, listening to Blake Shelton everyday, and family (my dog too)

Who finds happiness in cuddling with my dog, country concerts, and having family get togethers

Who needs vacations, starbucks, and joy

Who gives love to my family especially my dog, patience to waiting in line, and imagination while cooking with my dad

Who fears clowns, bees, and snakes

Who would like to see myself graduate high school and college, travel the world, and see many concerts

Who enjoys shopping, spending time with family and friends, and tv

Who likes to wear dresses, cowboy boots, and sweatpants on lazy days

Born in Bridgeport, resident of Easton


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2 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Mia P.

  1. Mia,
    I really liked your piece! I especially liked the line about you wanting to see yourself graduate high school and college. I think it is really important to have personal goals in your life even if they’re years away. Try thinking about ways to elaborate more. For example, what shows are your favorite on Netflix? What’s your dogs name? I think by adding these details, anyone who reads your poem will learn even more about you! Thank you for sharing your writing!

    – Amelia B.

  2. Mia,

    I really enjoyed reading your bio-poem. I really liked how specific you were at times. For an example when you said “my dog too,” or “sweatpants on lazy days.” This really adds to your poem because it is much more descriptive. If you just said sweatpants, it would not of made your writing as interesting. A piece of advice I have for you is to think of other words you could say. In the beginning of your piece, you said you were funny. Maybe you could also say whimsical or amusing. Other than that, I thought your piece was very, very good.

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