Bio-Poem Olivia


Innovative, Humorous, Adventurous, Intelligent

Daughter of Mona and Todd, sister to Tyler, Brooke, and Ava

Lover of Netflix Mac and Cheese and Summer

Who feels thankful for colors, books, and seals

Who finds happiness in reading, the end of a school day, and cold snowy days

Who needs hot chocolate, Wifi, and sleep

Who gives jokes, creativity, and inspiration

Who fears heights, spiders, and sharks

Who would like to see myself doing well in school,to have an eventful year, and to make new friends

Who enjoys laughter, drawing, and water sports

Who likes to wear sweatpants on weekends, shorts in the summer and spring, and flip flops all year round

Born in Bridgeport CT resident of Easton CT


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1 thought on “Bio-Poem Olivia

  1. Olivia,
    I really enjoyed your piece. I liked the part when you say that you need netflix and love wifi. That was super original. I would have liked it if you could include a little more information that told us what kind of person you are. Is there a specific show that you like to watch on Netflix? What is the name of your favorite Wi-Fi network? If you added more specific information this poem would be really great.

    Rene ($2 w/o shipping)

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