Daily Archives: September 12, 2016

Bio Poem: Sofia

Sofia Clever, childish, gracious, upbeat Daughter of Mario and Isabel, sister of Catarina, and Alex Lover of evening sunsets, sunday mornings and fall weather Who feels thankful for life,books, and Frank Sinatra music Who find happiness volunteering anywhere, laughing at corny jokes, and playing lacrosse. Who needs mellow Christmas music, crisp winter air, coloring in … Continue reading Bio Poem: Sofia

Bio-Poem: Isabel L.

Isabel Good-hearted, patient, sympathetic, competitive Daughter of Nora and Salvador, sister of Alex Lover of family, friends, and all animals Who feels thankful for amusement parks, holidays and snow Who finds happiness watching Netflix, going on vacation, and playing outside. Who needs to have fun, use an alarm to wake up in the morning, and … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Isabel L.

Bio Poem: Katharine B.

 Katharine Sympathetic, trustworthy, honest, athletic   Daughter of Michele and Joe, sister of James       Lover of sports, swimming in pools in the summer, and cold weather Who feels thankful of family, friends, and my dog Who finds happiness when with friends, skiing in Vermont, and when playing soccer and lacrosse. Who needs laughter, sports, and fun … Continue reading Bio Poem: Katharine B.