Bio Poem: Addisen W.


Dependable, creative, energetic, independent

Daughter of Jen and Adam and sister of Arden, Aidan, and Tyler

Lover of imagination, traveling, and disney movies

Who feels thankful for my family, friends, and the community I live in

Who finds happiness in adventurous novels, the changing of seasons, and online shopping

Who needs a boost of confidence at times, bath bombs, and the comfort of my bedroom

Who gives great advice, attention to my pets, and all of my effort in dance class

Who fears public speaking, big mistakes, and scary movies

Who would like to see the future, the eiffel tower at night, and the world

Exploring the Eiffel Tower, the Tallest Building in Paris

Who enjoys photography, writing lyrics, and fall candles

Who likes to wear sweatpants at home, fuzzy socks, and ripped jeans

Born in Greenwich, resident of Easton


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5 thoughts on “Bio Poem: Addisen W.

  1. I really liked your piece, and how you had the Eiffel Tower link in the middle. I really liked the line that said ¨Who enjoys photography, writing lyrics and fall candles.¨ I liked this because it told me two more things I didn´t know about you. I didn´t know you liked writing lyrics or photography. What do you normally write your lyrics about, or is is more of a private thing. Also, I love photography too! I got a camera last Christmas, and I´m always looking for cool things to photograph. Also, same with the fall candles. They all smell sooo good!! Have you smelt the new pumpkin candle from Bath & Body Works? It smells amazing. Thank you for sharing you poem! (Haha, I had to say that 🙂

    Maya Gustavson

  2. Addisen,

    I really liked your piece. The line I really gravitated to was the one where you talked about bath bombs and a boost of confidence. The reason why I liked this line was because i can totally relate to that in my life as well! Another thing that I liked about this poem was the very last line. I loved how you said that you would like to see the world. Thank you for sharing this poem Addisen!


  3. Addisen,

    I really loved your piece! Thank you for sharing it. I really liked how detailed and specific you poem was. I especially liked the line about how you need the comfort of you bedroom. Not only did that line read well, but it also gave a lot of information about you. From that line I could tell that you can at times be a little introverted, staying in your room watching movies, writing, and reading. In the future, I would suggest trying to use more adjectives to make you poem even more detailed. For example, when you said you feel thankful for you family, adding an adjective would have expressed you gratitude toward your family better, like saying you feel thankful for your wonderful, or loving family.
    Great job, Addisen!


  4. Addisen,

    I really liked your piece. When you explained how you needed bath bombs and finds happiness in online shopping, I totally connected with you. I would recommend adding a little bit more detail, like where you like to online shop and what you would want to see in the future. I really think adding those minuscule details would take your writing to the top. Overall, I totally connected with you on like everything and I really liked all of the details you added in .

  5. Addisen,

    I really enjoyed reading your poem! I like how you told your readers that not only do you like watching movies, but Disney movies. I can also relate to your love for traveling and for the need for bath bombs. One piece of advice that I would give you is to give a specific season you like to see.

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