Bio Poem: Adrianna


Intelligent, honest, athletic, shy

Daughter of Peter and Janneta , sister of Grace

Lover of family, my dog, and life

Who feels thankful to have a home, supportive parents, and family

Who finds happiness in being at the barn, seeing my cousins, and
spending time with family

Who needs to have Starbucks on the weekends, stretch every time
they get up, and sleep for at least 8 hours every night

Who gives love to my family ( Mom, Dad, Sister), too many treats
to the horses, and gives hugs

Who fears falling from a high point, sleeping through a fire
alarm, and insects

Who would like to see the Olympics in person someday , see my
sister be successful in life, and see my cousins again

Who enjoys spending time at the barn with friends, spending time
with their family, and looking through old photo books

Who likes to wear black leggings, soft coats and sweatshirts, and
flip flops from Old Navy

Born in China, resident of Easton, Connecticut


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2 thoughts on “Bio Poem: Adrianna

  1. Adrianna,
    I liked your piece, and I like the line that says “who needs Starbucks on the weekends” because it tells the reader what starts your day. I also like were you included ” likes to see my sister suceed in life” that gives the idea that you are very caring and thoughtful

    Casey Tichy

  2. Adrianna,

    I really liked your poem. I especially liked the line about you giving too many treats to your horses because I did not know that you had horses, or that you had a barn! That must be very fun! You may want to include more about your horses, or other things the reader may be curious about such as if you have any barn-related chores at home, or if you ride horses. Do you have a favorite horse? I think that adding a few details like these may answer some of the reader’s questions.


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