Bio-Poem: Alexandra


Hard-working, competitive, friendly, determined

Daughter of Wanda and Radu, sister of Daniel (8)

Lover of my beloved dog Molly, the excitement of being on the ice, and my family.

Who feels thankful for the laughs that life offers, for the annoying friends that can occasionally be ok, and the bliss of Starbucks

Who finds happiness in intriguing books, (namely Harry Potter), traveling to exotic places around the world, and in the relaxation that the beach brings.

Who needs at least seven hours of sleep to function, the love and support received from my family, and my dog’s affection when I come back home from school.

Who gives everything she tries the best she can do, often spends too much time watching Grey’s Anatomy, and gives away too much of her attention to skating.

Who fears creatures with scales, hurting the people she loves, and heights that tend to have cliffs next to them

Who would like to see the world and all it has to offer, her family and friends live a happy and healthy life, and synchronized skating become an Olympic sport.

Who enjoys watching movies with friends, the comfort of the ice under her blades, and the colors of leaves changing to a bright crimson red.

Who likes to wear comfortable outfits to school, black pants and lululemon tank tops to hit the ice, and bright leotards to dance.

Born in New Haven, resident of Easton


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