Bio Poem: Angie


                                           Funny, social, athletic, smart

                   Daughter of Leigh-Ann and Jim, sister of Bianca and Vinny

                                         Lover of food, sports and life

             Who feels thankful for friends, good moments and what nature has to offer

   Who finds happiness when given compliments, listening to good music and hanging out with                                                              friends

                                         Who needs fun, comedy and joy

                   Who gives much needed advice, extreme effort and good energy

                           Who fears certain heights, darkness and horror movies

      Who would like to see the bright blue Pacific Ocean, Seattle and watch friends become                                                                 successful

           Who enjoys playing sports, spending valuable time wisely and being supportive

              Who likes to wear bright blue jeans, long and heavy sweatpants and shorts

                                          Born in Boston, resident of Easton


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