Bio-Poem: Birch


Funny,short,serious,and smart.

Son of Tucker and Molly, Brother of Quinn and Cooper.

Lover of cats, videogames, and family

Who feels thankful of food,family, and education

Who finds happiness in, computers, cats, and reading.

Who needs, electricity, food, and water.

Who gives, hugs, smiles, and warm thoughts.

Who fears spiders, sharks, and boats.

Who would like to see the, Eiffel Tower, The Great Wall of China, and a self driving car.

Who enjoys, programming, petting my cats, and shopping.

Who likes to wear soccer shirts, lacrosse shorts, and sneakers.

Born in Denver Colorado, Resident of Easton.



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3 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Birch

  1. Dear Mr Kellogg,

    I liked the part where you give hugs, smiles and warm thoughts. It is pretty funny considering that you play csgo 24/7.

    Sponsored by: mountain dew and dorritos.

  2. I liked your poem and how you said everything. I liked when you said who needs electricity, food, and water, I thought that was pretty funny. I also liked when you would like to see a self driving car I would want to see it too that will be cool.

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