Bio Poem: BJ


Funny, athletic, relaxed, and determined

Son of Brian and Elizabeth, brother of Mackenzie and Hope

Lover of movies, music, and sports

Who feels thankful for the crisp fall breeze on sunday morning before football, my warm house and having a loving family

Who finds happiness in a New York giants win, hanging with friends on saturday and playing sports

Who needs stability, activity, and a cold glass of milk every night

Who gives advice, warm hugs, and a small sense of humor

Who fears the dark, extreme heights, and surprises

Who would like to see world peace, the next marvel movie and a rangers championship

Who enjoys throwing the football watching movies and reading harry potter in my room

Who likes marvel movies baggy sweatshirts, college socks, and playing tennis on the weekends

Born in Stamford, CT, resident of Easton


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5 thoughts on “Bio Poem: BJ

  1. BJ,
    I like your piece, thank you for sharing it. I like the way you included who would like to see world piece because I think it shows a lot about how you feel about the world. I liked how you had incuded Harry Potter. Always do that. ANd alwasy capitalize it. Over all I think you did a great job on it. I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into it.

  2. BJ,
    I really like your poem. I like the way you were so specific like the crisp fall breeze on a Sunday morning before football and wearing baggy sweatshirts. This poem really shows about who you are. You were very specific in the whole poem especially when you said a cold glass of mile every night and a small sense of humor. I think you did a great job describing yourself. This poem would be great for a person getting to know you because you really express who you are. Thanks for sharing about yourself i really liked it.

  3. BJ,
    I really like your bio-poem; I found it very interesting to read. My favorite phrase was when you said you want to see a Ranger championship…and that you are thankful for the crisp fall breeze on Sunday morning before football. It is a small detail that I can not only picture, but also sense. If you were to build upon that line, I would add more details regarding the season of fall itself. What about the ¨crisp breeze¨? How do you react to the gust of air that tags along as you climb aboard the bus? What is your reaction to it? When adding the extra information, it will begin to transport the reader along beside you, and make them witness the thing you enjoy.

  4. Bj,

    I really enjoyed your poem my favorite line was ¨Who feels thankful for the crisp fall breeze on Sunday morning before football¨ because you really show who you are as a person through description of your piece a person that loves nature and sports you did a very good job on adding a lot of adjectives to help your writing be more descriptive it really helped us all know more about you as a person

    Andrew L

  5. BJ
    I really liked how descriptive you were in your poem and i especially like the line
    “Who feels thankful for the crisp fall breeze on Sunday morning before football”
    its really descriptive and i think it is really well incorporated in your piece.

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