Bio Poem: Bran


Considerate, flexible, giving, entertaining

Son of Dennis and Heather, brother of Finn

Lover of parkour, my family, and spending time with friends

Who feels thankful for my family, food, and technology

Who finds happiness in parkour, sugary foods, and my pets

Who needs to be better at Spanish, math, and doing my homework

Who gives kindness, amazement, and a helping hand

Who fears spiders, injury, and failure

Who would like to see every continent, my family succeed in life, and important monuments

Who enjoys parkour,writing and comedy

Who like to wear t-shirts, big shorts or long pants, and sweatshirts

Born in Stamford, resident of Easton


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1 thought on “Bio Poem: Bran

  1. Bran,

    I like your piece, thanks for sharing it. The lines were great, like the ones about doing parkour. Reconsider this: Add more detail about parkour, like what moves do you do?


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