Bio Poem: Casey


Funny, loving, caring, unique

Daughter of Nadeen and Andy

Lover of nature, music, snowboarding

Who feels thankful of family, friends and summer

Who finds happiness in making music and hiking also chillen with friends

Who needs sugar in the morning to pump me up for the school day and nice, caring friends that will also support me through life opticals.

Who give support to friends when they’re going through tough times

Who gives hummer to others to make them happy. Who gives help to others in need.

Who fears in bees and our innocents towards them. Who also fears of the feelings on a roller coaster same with hights.

Who would likes to see myself succeed threw my last year of middle school. Also would like to see twenty one pilots in concert . And see my best friend from indiana.

Who enjoys being with family, being in the beautiful gift of nature and enjoys drumming.

Who likes to wear converse and a sweatpants in the winter with a sweatshirt

Born in Russia, residents in Easton


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