Bio Poem Charlie J

Funny, crazy, unique and friend

Son of Chuck Johnson and Carla Johnson brother of Tom(age 10) and of Katherine(age 5)

Lover of Italy, Italian food, and soccer

Who feels thankful for a family, AC/DC and a house

AC/DC official web page

Who find happiness in cooking with family, watching superhero movies with  my dad and playing the electric guitar with my brother

Who needs a plain bagel with butter and cream cheese every morning, a smoothie, and time to play soccer

Who gives love to his family, advice to his brother, and knowledge to his sister

Who fears heights, clowns and death

Who would like to see his family live a long life, also a happy one, and see my siblings grow up to be successful

Who likes to wear t-shirts, sweatshirts and jeans in the winter

Born in Bridgeport CT resident of Easton


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5 thoughts on “Bio Poem Charlie J

  1. Charlie,

    I like your piece, and thanks for sharing it. I like the line about you wearing jeans in the winter because I never see you in jeans and don’t like jeans. Think about it: add more information. Why do you like Italy so much?


  2. Charlie,
    I really like your piece and thanks for letting me read it. I really like the line about how you are thankful for AC/DC and for adding a link. I also like AC/DC. I also think that it’s great that you added many things about your family and you can build upon that. I think that you can be more consistent about putting commas before the word and. If you can stay consistent on grammar and add more layers to your writing then you will be very successful.

  3. Charlie,

    I really like how you gave out all of your brother and sisters ages because not to many people have done that in their bio-poem. I also like how you said you like bagels with cream cheese in the morning because I can also relate to that. Finally I enjoy how you support Italian food a=when you are Italian.


  4. Charlie,

    Your piece was great and thanks for posting it! I never knew we had so much in common such as AC/DC, superhero movies, food/cooking, and the same fears. I really enjoyed reading all the lines in your piece. One that stuck out to me was
    “And see my siblings grow up successful” i’m really glad you feel that way about your siblings. Your piece was marvelous, one thing that can make your writing higher quality is describing a bit more. Like what is your favorite Italian food or whats your favorite AC/DC song. Overall your piece was creative, fun to read, and relatable.

    Sofia Goncalves 🙂

  5. Charlie,
    I really liked how descriptive your piece was. I also like how you showed how much you cared for your family. One other thing that I liked is how you added a link for the AC/DC website. One thing you should take into consideration is going into more detail. What is your favorite song to play on the guitar? What is your favorite superhero movie? I thought your piece was well written and I was able to connect to it in some areas.

    Julia Boffa

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