Bio-poem: Coco


Funny, Intelligent, Curious, and Athletic

Son of Paul, and Corinne, brother of Austin, Maya, Bailey, and Julia

Lover of dogs, games, and pools

Who feels thankful of my family my house, and food

Who finds happiness in snow days, smoothies, and soccer

Who needs my family, my dog Louie, and candy

Who gives people laughter, smiles, and stress

Who fears darkness, upside down roller coasters, and my house blowing up

Who would like to see Antarctica, all of the continents, and how big the great wall of china is

Who enjoys to play with my dog and take him on walks, and go on bike rides

Who likes to wear short non-matching socks with shorts with pockets, and a shirt

Born in Norwalk, CT. a resident of Easton


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1 thought on “Bio-poem: Coco

  1. Coco,

    I liked the line where you said you were afraid of your house blowing up. Despite it being something that could happen, although it’s unlikely, it just put a smile on my face.


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