Bio-Poem: Cooper


Smart, funny, industrious and creative

Son of Greg and Kirsten, brother of Connor and Samantha

Lover of my family, my house and school

Who is thankful for a loving family, enough money to have a good life and for food

Who finds happiness playing videogames with friends, waking up in the morning and not having any homework on a school day

Who needs to stay calm, to be doing something at all allowed times and to think of something else I need to finish this poem

Who gives laughs occasionally, productivity in school and love for my family

Who fears most bugs, heights and dying young

Who would like to see Reggie Fils-Aime in person, me in Japan and this poem printed out

Who enjoys videogames, movies and eating

Who likes to wear clothes, clothes and clothes

Born in Stamford, resident of Easton


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