Bio Poem: Ellie


Amenable, Inquisitive, Intelligent, Sarcastic

Daughter of Kyle and Lorraine, sister of Brandon(15) and Dana(21)

Lover of Netflix, Soccer, and Dogs

Who feels thankful for the family who loves me, the wet sand that squishes under my feet at my favorite beach, Coco beach in FL, and the people who care for me every single day.

Who finds happiness in fluffy, warm, puppies surrounding me, pages of words filling my brain, and music that blocks out the rest of the world.

Who needs organization in life, friends who love me, specifically Morgan, and Southern food on a daily basis.

Who gives, my love to those deserving of it, intelligence to my friends, and dedicates time throughout the week to soccer.

Who fears snakes slithering throughout the night, spiders crawling all over the earth, and tight spaces.

Who would like to see the Eiffel Tower, my sister gracefully walk down the wedding aisle, a smile spread across her face, and my brother graduate from high school and become a honorable coast guard member.

Who enjoys drinking hot chocolate during Fall, binging on popcorn while my eyes turn red from staring at a movie screen to long, and baking cookies when it has been an unpleasant day.

Who likes to wear comfy PINK sweatshirts, over-sized sweatpants, and headbands on days when my messy hair will not be tamed.

Born in Ocala, Florida. Resident of Easton, CT.

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3 thoughts on “Bio Poem: Ellie

  1. Ellie,
    I really enjoyed reading your Bio-Poem. The entire piece was extremely descriptive and helped me to picture what you were talking about. It was truly heartwarming to read about how you want to see your sister walk down the aisle and you brother graduate and become an honorable Coast Guard. I think if you keep writing as descriptively as you are now, your writing will be amazing.

    Maddie Ganim

  2. I really liked your piece! I loved how you described everything in more detail. That really helped to give more of a visual to the reader. For example, I liked how you explained that you binge on popcorn, eyes turning red from looking at a movie screen too long. This was so descriptive! You didn’t just say, I like eating popcorn and watching movies. You gave your sentences more dimension and the whole of your poem was just that much more interesting to read. I particularly liked the line where you said that you enjoy baking when it has been an unpleasant day because I can relate to that. I also love baking, anytime really, but that let me know a little bit more about you. The only thing I would watch out for is editing. I noticed that you said “to” instead of “too”. That was probably an accident, and it’s a common mistake. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your poem!

  3. Ellie,

    I really liked your poem. It was so descriptive and detailed. My favorite part was when you said that you binge on popcorn, eyes turning red from looking at a movie screen so long. This line was very descriptive. I also liked how you gave a link to coco beach in Florida. That made the reader know more about where you used to live and what your favorite things were there and they got more information if they clicked on the link. Overall I thought your whole poem was very good and extremely descriptive. I don’t think there was anything that needed to be improved!


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