Bio Poem: Emily

Bio Poem



Straightforward, easygoing, trustworthy, fun.

Daughter of Christine and Gerry, sister of Kate.

Lover of memes, bands, and cool t-shirts.

Who feels thankful for music, my crazy friends, and the twenty-one pilots concert I’m going too soon.

Who finds happiness in the warmth of an oversized sweatshirt, long weekends, and curling up to a good book.

Who need quiet days alone, loud music, and lot of oreo ice cream to survive.

Who gives love to dogs, to many opinions, and a little too much of my time watching survivor.

Who fears whales, large fish, and the realization the my childhood is almost over.

Who would like to see the northern lights, Halsey in concert, and myself going on to accomplish great things in life one day.

Who enjoys playing beach volleyball, going to sleepaway camp every summer, and heavy thunderstorms.

Who likes to wear my daily black lace up boots, colorful plaid flannels, and mis matching socks (what’s the point of them being the same anyway?)

Born in Bridgeport CT, Resident of Easton


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2 thoughts on “Bio Poem: Emily

  1. Dear Emily.

    I think your poem was great I loved it all and expessiallly when you talk about the oversized sweatshirts.

    – JJ

  2. It was a delicious poem. I would wish for a second helping. Mmmmm hmmmm girl. I like when you put your last name at the end of the poem. Oh and when you said you wear your daily black lace up boots. I had to put that in bacause this is graded. That shoulder…. oh yeah…… Anyways later tomater

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