Bio-Poem: Emily


Creative, hardworking, agile, caring

Daughter of Noreen and Charlie, sister of Mia

Lover of all arts, reading any mysterious, adventurous book and learning new exciting things

Who feels thankful for my amazing and hardworking family, the many opportunities offered to me and for my friends

Who finds happiness playing a board game with my sister, in making others happy and waking up to a new day with people there to support me

Who needs love from my family, support from others and caring friends to help me

Who gives love to my family, my attention to any given task and loyalty to my friends and family

Who fears nothing

Who would like to see the top of the Eiffel Tower at night and look down at the city, the endless glittering stars in the galaxy and a long great wall snaking over green hills

Who enjoys playing classical music on my violin, making origami and anything creative and listening to pop music on youtube

Who likes to wear comfortable seasonal clothes along with snug sneakers and a denim jacket

Born in Guangxi, China, resident of Easton, CT


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1 thought on “Bio-Poem: Emily

  1. Emily

    I liked your pice, I liked the line that says “who feels amazing for a hard working family” this give the reader that you care for your faimly and you will do any thing to help them out. Nice Job!

    Casey Tichy

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