Bio-poem: Emma



Nice, fun, athletic, confident

Daughter of Frank and Eileen, sister of Owen (15) and Evan (11)

Lover of music, sports and animals

Who feels thankful for my family, friends and food

Who feels happiness when playing basketball, going to the beach with my whole family and hanging out with my siblings

Who needs T.V, food and sports

Who gives their best effort in sports, helps people when they need it and gives love to my parents

Who fears spiders, centipedes and really deep water

Who would like to see new places around the world, a teacup pig and someone in concert

Who enjoys listening to music, playing lacrosse and riding bikes

Who likes to wear jeans and comfortable shirts in the fall and winter, shorts and short sleeves in the summer and spring and sports shorts to basketball and lacrosse

Born in the Bridgeport hospital, resident of Easton CT


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2 thoughts on “Bio-poem: Emma

  1. Emma,

    I really liked how in the beginning you said your brother’s names and ages, also your description on what you like to wear. One thing that could really bring your writing to the next level is your needs line. You said you need T.V., what kind of shows do you like to watch, or do you have a favorite food? Or what spots do you like to play? Otherwise your poem was very interesting and to read.


  2. Emma,

    I really liked your poem. My favorite part was when you said that you wanted to see a teacup pig. I liked this part because it was very descriptive and not many other people could have said that. I also liked it because I remember being with you going to lacrosse when you said that also. I thought everything was really good and nothing needed improvement.


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