Bio-Poem: Isabel L.


Good-hearted, patient, sympathetic, competitive

Daughter of Nora and Salvador, sister of Alex

Lover of family, friends, and all animals

Who feels thankful for amusement parks, holidays and snow

Who finds happiness watching Netflix, going on vacation, and playing outside.

Who needs to have fun, use an alarm to wake up in the morning, and have braces

Who gives friendship, love to family, and help to those who need it

Who fears spiders, public speaking, and going on a cruise

Who would like to see Europe, Africa and the Olympics live

Who enjoys track, volleyball, and roller coasters

Who likes to wear Converse, Vineyard Vines at school, and to stay in pajamas throughout the weekend

Born in Boston, resident of Easton


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3 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Isabel L.

  1. Isabel,

    I really liked reading your poem and learning things about you that I never knew before. I really liked “Who enjoys track, volleyball, and roller coasters” I liked this because I knew that you liked track and volleyball, as we did them together. But, I never knew you liked roller coasters. One thing you could have added was that you had a dog named Polly.


  2. I love your poem Isabel!! You have such a great poem and I really like when you wrote that you like to wear pajamas all day on weekends. I do too. One thing that you could add is why you want to see Africa. You are definetly good-hearted and great at writing poems. Maddie D.

  3. Isabel,

    I really enjoyed reading your poem! I learned a lot about you that I didn’t know before. For example, I did not know that your dads name was Salvador and that you want to see the Olympics live. I also did not know that you that you were born in Boston. Overall, you did a great job but next time be sure to add your dogs name.

    – EmiLy

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