Bio Poem: John


Determined, athletic, intelligent, organized

Son of Steven and Stephanie, brother of Vanessa

Lover of sports, travel and life

Who feels thankful for support from friends and family, shelter and food on my plate

Who finds happiness in playing soccer, on my longboard speeding down hills and making others smile

Who needs a ball at their feet every day, a refreshing smoothie after a hard workout and a quiet time to listen to my favorite songs

Who gives happiness to friends and family, a lot of time to soccer and help to people in need

Who fears dying, losing important soccer games and getting injured

Who would like to go see an El Clasico game (FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid), people around me succeed and all my hard work pay off in the end

Who enjoys playing soccer with friends in an empty field, going on long mountain bike rides, and making my own ski lines in fresh snow in the winter

Who likes to wear soft and comfortable sweatshirts, athletic shorts and to lace up my dirty cleats

Born in Bridgeport, CT, Resident of Easton


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2 thoughts on “Bio Poem: John

  1. Dear John woo
    I really liked your story. It had lots of family friendly comments and was entreating to read. I really dicier how you like making your own, no anybody els but your own ski trails. i also love how you love smoothes. i make a killer smoothie. you should try it sometime. i think that you should give some examples of what smoothie flavors you like and what day of the week it is.

  2. Dear Wei-Zhi, I really enjoyed your poem and thought that it was a very accurate representation of the one who calls himself John. My favorite part was the description you used for your “Who enjoys” sentence. For example, you said “playing soccer with friends in an empty field” instead of just “playing soccer”. You also said “making my own ski lines in fresh snow in the winter” instead of just “skiing”. The one thing you can work on was being less repetitive when it comes to soccer, if you used new words it would make your writing much more interesting.

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