Bio Poem Josh



Amusing, intelligent, athletic, interesting

Son of Martin and Lori, brother of Sophie

Lover of nature, good times, and learning

Who feels thankful for everything that I have, my friends, and my family

Who finds happiness in life, quiet time with myself, and being with friends and family

Who needs to run, entertaining pastimes, and good people

Who gives respect, love, and attention

Who fears death, heights, and falling

Who would like to see Yosemite, the Bahamas, and Europe

Who enjoys sports, video games, and sleeping

Who likes to wear shorts, and comfortable t-shirts

Born in Bridgeport, resident of Easton


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1 thought on “Bio Poem Josh

  1. Josh,
    I really enjoyed your piece and I really liked your wording. There were many lines that I really liked but my favorite one was probably about you finding happiness in life, being with yourself and being with friends. That was a very solid line. Maybe you can put in some more powerful language to get an emotional reaction from the reader. For example, what about life do you find happiness in and what about being with your friends make you happy? I think that if you add those extra little details, your writing will definitely deepen.

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