Bio Poem Kayleigh


Helpful, honest, funny, wise

Daughter of Cindy and Greg, sister of Jennifer and Steven

Lover of the Dolan Twins, Sylvester Stallone, of course star wars, especially the 3rd movie

Who feels thankful for her family, friends, and the teachers who take the time to educate her

Who finds happiness through others smiles, laughs, and others support

Who needs to meet the Dolan twins, meet Sylvester Stallone, seriously I’m obsessed I know!

Who gives advice to others, supports others, and gives 100 percent on every assignment

Who fears death more than anything in the world, any type of bug, it doesn’t matter how small it is, it’s a huge problem, of course getting an F on a test

Who would like to see the Dolan twins in person, see 5sos again in concert, I would like to see myself graduate middle school!

Who enjoys watching the dolan twins, movie marathon which includes star wars and rocky, I enjoy watching netflix more than I like food, now that’s a big statement

Who likes to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts just about any time of any day, if you see me in jeans, it’s a good, but you may find me occasionally wear dresses on fridays

Born in Bridgeport, resident of Easton


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5 thoughts on “Bio Poem Kayleigh

  1. Kayleigh,
    I really like your peace and thank you for sharing it. I liked the line about how you you said ” Seriously im obsessed I know!” because its shows that you arnt afraid to admit something. Maybe if you add descriding words like comfy or cosy in the place for who likes to wear. Over all I think your peace is really good.

  2. Kayleigh,

    I really enjoyed reading your Bio-Poem. I liked how you made it very clear that you didn’t like any type of bug and how you love the Dolan Twins. I thought your Bio-Poem was very funny and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good laugh. Tell me when you get tickets to see 5SOS again, because I would happily go with you!

    Sydney Roberto

  3. Kayleigh,
    I liked your poem a lot. I liked the part about your fears. I thought that it was pretty honest of you to open up. I think that you could have had less repetition (the dolan twins). It would make your poem seem more deep.

  4. Kayleigh,
    I really like you piece and thanks for sharing. One line that I particularly like is in the when you expressed how much you like the Dolan twins. Another factor I enjoyed is when you put a link to their YouTube channel, i liked this because at first I didn’t know who the Dolan twins were and I learned after I clicked the red. Another line I liked was when you mentioned the movie Rocky, I love how your are so specific and you didn’t just say I like movies.

    Olivia 🙂

  5. Kayleigh,

    I really liked your bio poem, especially all of the details! I like how you added sentences like, “I know, I’m obsessed,” and “It’s a huge problem,” because it was like you were talking to the reader. I can especially relate to the Dolan Twins. I want to meet them so badly! (haha) I would just watch out for proper nouns, because you din’t capatilize all of them, ( like Netflix for example) Other than that I really liked your poem! Thanks for sharing!

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