Bio-Poem: Lucy


Fun, energetic, athletic, nice

Daughter of Alison and Matthew, sister of Sarah (16)

Lover of Justin Bieber, sports and friends

Who feels thankful for food, family and summer and winter break

Who finds happiness when spending time with cousins, from both of my moms and dads side, playing lacrosse and celebrating Christmas

Who needs to meet Justin Bieber, become famous and to try to stay organized in my locker

Who gives love to my family, friends and netflix

Who fears spiders and snakes, throw up and storms

Who would like to see Drake in concert, Justin Bieber for the third time and Italy

Who enjoys netflix, puppies and tropical places

Who likes to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts in the winter, any type of Brandy Melville clothes and cute dresses and rompers

Born in Norwalk Hospital, resident of Easton Ct


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3 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Lucy

  1. Lucy,
    I really liked reading your poem. I especially liked the line where you said what you find happiness in. I liked this line because you were specific when you said cousins from both your moms and dads side. I also like the last line where you said what you like to wear because you were really descriptive.

  2. Lucy,
    I really like the line wear you said ” any type of brandy melville clothes”. I like how you said this because we now know that you like brandy melville and you don’t just like shorts or t-shirts, you like all types of clothes from that store. Think to yourself: People may wonder what tropical places you like to go to so next time maybe be more specific. Other than that I really enjoyed reading your poem. I really liked how descriptive you were in all your lines especially about your clothes and how you like your cousins on both sides of your mom and dads side. Also one more thing, Where do you want to see in Italy like any specific things or places?
    – Claire

  3. Lucy,

    I really enjoyed your writing. One line i really liked was “who fears throw up” This was one of my favorite lines because i know its true and i’ve seen you get really disgusted about it. Although your piece was great and very relatable, something that could’ve made your writing top notch would be more description. Instead of just saying you love Netflix maybe you can say what show you like or when you like to watch it. By doing this you will give the reader a more wide eyed perspective into your life ( and your netflixing!) Overall great job and keep on writing!!!

    Sofia 🙂

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