Bio-Poem: Maya G.


Conscientious,  hard-working, outgoing, trustworthy

Daughter of Ann and Don, sister of Jack and Chloe

Lover of life, non-stop laughter, and all of the fun activities that come along with the changing of the seasons, each exciting in a different way

Who feels thankful for the continuous love from her family, the perpetual support of her friends, and a warm house that welcomes her home after a long day

Who finds happiness in the soothing feeling you get when you dive into the water, the times that the whole family gathers together, and the four times a week I get to dance the day away

Who needs  a warm comforter and soft pillow to welcome her to a good night’s sleep, time  doing anything with her best friends, and ice cream at least once a week throughout the year

Who gives constant love to her family, perseverance and dedication to her schoolwork, and hard work to her dance technique

Who fears snakes and bugs, the injury or death of loved ones, and not being good enough

Who would like to see a Daya concert, her friends and family continue thriving, and herself dancing the Sugar Plum Fairy as a senior in high school

Who enjoys lively days at her lake house filled with swimming, boating and tubing, redesigning her room over and over, and laughter-filled sleepovers with her best friends

Who likes to wear pajamas ‘till noon on weekends and holidays, patterned rompers on those hot summer days, and leggings and a sweatshirt when it’s a lot colder than it should be

Born in Bridgeport CT, resident of Easton


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1 thought on “Bio-Poem: Maya G.

  1. Maya,

    I really enjoyed your poem. I thought that you expressed really clear and descriptive thoughts. You included many interesting facts about you that even I didn’t know. One that stuck out to me was that you want to be the Sugar Plum Fairy as a senior in high school. I know that with your work ethic and talent you will definitely get there and I already cannot wait to see you! Overall, I think it was a great poem.


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