Bio-Poem: Meghan


Considerate, Responsible, Creative, Caring

Daughter of Michael and Monica, sister of Lexi

Lover of fun experiences with friends and family, traveling to explore new places, and all sweet desserts

Who feels thankful for a loving family, the delicious Italian foods my grandmother prepares for each visit, and living close to the water, which offers warm summer days at the beach

Who finds happiness in sipping a refreshing once-a-year strawberry-banana smoothie in St. John, watching the tailless raccoon that monthly appears on our deck in search of leftovers from the grill, and bike riding with my sister around the neighborhood-especially during the fall

Who needs to watch at least three X-files a week, an object to fiddle with if my hands are not busy, and have strawberry jello with whipped cream every night

Who gives determination to every tennis game, time and focus to schoolwork, and a lot of concentration and strategy to a family game of Monopoly

Who fears creepy bugs and spiders, being in an airplane crash, and getting lost during vacation in a country that does not speak English

Who would like to see the Wall of Gum (and add to it), the Great Barrier Reef before it is destroyed, and space beyond our galaxy through a giant telescope

Who enjoys playing tennis with my family, playing piano, and filling every weekend with messy crafts

Who likes to wear super  fluffy, comfortable slippers in the morning until a minute before the bus comes, a sparkly hair accessory, and a headband during tennis to keep the hair from falling into my eyes

Born in South Norwalk, CT, resident of Easton


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3 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Meghan

  1. Meghan,

    I really enjoyed reading your Bio-Poem. I feel that you were able to portray your personality exactly as it is and I admire that. I think your descriptions were really interesting and certainly made me laugh and think of the many things we do together. Your choice of events were definitely out of the ordinary, making the poem that much better. I don’t think your poem needs any revising; it is perfect the way it is. You need to catch me up on these X-files you’re talking about because if you like it, I will certainly do too. Overall great job!


  2. Meghan,
    I loved your piece thank you so much for sharing it! I learned so many new things about you that I didn’t know before. I really liked how descriptive and detailed your writing was, it made it so interesting to read. I especially when you said you liked

    1. To add on to my last comment, I especially liked how you mentioned not only certain places you want to see, but also what specifically you want to do if you get to go to them. I think your poem definitely portrayed your unique personality and that’s what made it so great! There is nothing I suggest you should do to your poem it’s amazing just the way it is! Great job, Meghan!

      Amelia B.

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