Bio-Poem : Micah


Hardworking, stubborn, sarcastic, intrepid

Daughter of Soo and Randy, sister to Soren (11) and Norah (4)

Lover of family, Harry Potter, and the Killers (the band, not the bad people who roam the Earth)

Who feels thankful for the people I surround myself by, the opportunities presented to me, and the pleasant sounds of waves lapping against the shore.  

Who finds happiness in the pages of words I engulf myself in, the way I am able to transfer an image from my mind to sketch pad, and the sound of tap shoes hitting the floor with every beat.  

Who needs the new Green Day album, a bookshelf stocked with numerous genres ,and at least one person to remind me where my true values lie.  

Who gives support to friends who have always been there, time to those who deserve it, and words of encouragement to people when they need it most.  

Who fears people who choose to terrorize others, our current technology-driven society, and those I love getting hurt.  

Who would like to see my friends accomplish what I know they are capable of, the seven wonders of the modern world, and a TV show with a plot not surrounding murder.

Who enjoys playing guitar, hot and sticky s’mores (with gluten free graham cracker), and everything made with chocolate.

Who likes to wear ripped jeans and band tees whenever possible, socks from the Korean Grocery Store, and warm pajamas to sleep.

Born in Manhattan, NY.  Resident of Easton, CT.


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3 thoughts on “Bio-Poem : Micah

  1. Micah,

    I liked reading your poem, and I can tell you put a lot of thought into it. I liked how you included that you find happiness in hearing the sound of tap shoes hitting the floor with every beat. This detail reminded me how you really enjoy dancing, but I think that someone who doesn’t know you as well might not have known you tap dance, and be more curious about why and when you dance. This is something you could include in the future if you want. Also, I think that this was a great detail because it added sound to the piece, and other people who like to dance could connect with this line.


  2. Micah,
    I really liked reading your poem and thought that the lines were great. I especially liked the line where you said something along the lines of you need at least one person to remind you where your values lie, that’s great writing. You had a lot of great vocabulary to further describe you. Maybe when you could say more about those you love getting hurt and how you fear them. That’s sort of confusing, but if you maybe put in some more descriptive language, you could get a clear point across.

  3. Micah,

    Your piece is very descriptive, I especially like the line about you finding happiness in the words you engulf yourself in. I also like what words you use to describe that you are not talking about The Killers who roam the earth, but the band. I also love how at the end you continued being descriptive and didn’t stop giving certain details. For example my favorite detail at the ending is when you said you enjoy hot, sticky, smores and added that it had to be a gluten free cracker.


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