Bio-Poem: Rene


Honest, Confident, Funny, Caring.

Son of Yariv and Valerie, brother of Matan and Talia.

Lover of music, friends, and nighttime.

Who feels thankful when he can sleep in, when he’s tired, and when he goes to CTY.

Who finds happiness in his friends, concerts, and the beach at night.

Who needs friends, music, and avocados.

Who gives time to his best friends, walks to his dog Nessie, and advice.

Who fears loneliness, daddy longlegs spiders, and never following his plans.

Who would like to see Slow Magic in concert (go to 0:31), his siblings happy, and his old friends from CTY.

Who enjoys making music, spending time with friends, and neon lights.

Who likes to wear flip-flops, jackets with patches and pins on them, and big t-shirts.

Born in Bridgeport, CT, resident of Easton.


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2 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Rene

  1. Rene,

    I really liked you piece. I especially liked the line,”Who finds happiness in his friends, concerts, and the beach at night.” I liked how you no only said the beach but the beach at night. I thought that was very descriptive. One thing I would suggest is to add more adjectives to enhance your nouns. I think it will really help your writing get even better.

    Max B

  2. Hi René,

    I really enjoyed your peice. I liked the line “Who fears never following his plans,” that is really inspirational. I also how you linked the text to certain things like your Soundcloud, certain pictures and the Slow Magic concert. I thought it was interesting how you said “Who needs avocados,” as I need some certain foods as well. Great work.

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