Bio Poem: Sofia


Clever, childish, gracious, upbeat

Daughter of Mario and Isabel, sister of Catarina, and Alex

Lover of evening sunsets, sunday mornings and fall weather

Who feels thankful for life,books, and Frank Sinatra music

Who find happiness volunteering anywhere, laughing at corny jokes, and playing lacrosse.

Who needs mellow Christmas music, crisp winter air, coloring in books,

Who gives creativity in painting, lots of sugar in coffee, & too much attention to animals

Who fears snakes, bears, & big bugs

Would like to see Paris France, outer space, & world peace for all

Who enjoys going to the beach to play in the sand,being a foodie, & exploring the world

Who likes to wear warm fuzzy socks,white converse & playing soccer with new cleats.

Born in Bridgeport, Resident of Easton


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4 thoughts on “Bio Poem: Sofia

  1. Sofia,

    I really enjoyed your your piece, because there was a lot of things I didn’t know you liked, for instance I didn’t know you like to listen to Frank Sinatra and I didn’t know you play lacrosse. I would like you to go more in depth with your writing like, when do listen to Frank Sinatra during homework, just when you listen to music etc. or how do you give too much attention to your animals.


  2. Dear Sofia,
    I like your piece and thanks for sharing. One line that really stood out to me was when you said you needed Christmas music, and the crisp winter air. The reason I really liked this line is because I feel the same way I need Christmas music even when it isn’t Christmas. This shows that your a fun spirit and one that you can learn so much about you. Next time maybe you should think about adding specifics. For example say the Christmas song you need. This way the reader can really get a clear picture. After adding this it would do wonders for this piece.

    Olivia 🙂

  3. Sofia,

    I really enjoyed reading your piece. I like how you said your a lover of evening sunsets, and Sunday mornings. I like it because it brings out your personality. I would have liked to see you go more into depth about your painting. For example, When do you like to paint, or what do you like to paint. Overall I really enjoyed it!


  4. Sofia, I really enjoyed your poem especially the part where you stated how you would like to see Paris, outer space, and world peace because I was able to relate to that thought. I also liked the part about how you said you liked to listen to Frank Sinatra because I didn’t know that. There was a lot of quality information which made your writing piece very interesting to read. Thank you for sharing your piece!

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