Bio-Poem: Sydney R.


Humorous, reliable, creative, trustworthy

Daughter of Grace and Jay, sister of Taylor

Lover of Disney movies, dance, and dogs

Who feels thankful for friends, family, and a wonderful home

Who finds happiness in laughter, movie-watching, and Starbucks

Who needs sleep, Netflix, and a good book

Who gives respect to her parents, love to her dog, and an eternal devotion to her laptop

Who fears tsunamis, earthquakes, and sinister basements

Who would like to see the entire world, every movie, and Justin Bieber

Who enjoys listening to music, reading, and shopping

Who likes to wear comfortable tee shirts, jeans, and high tops

Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, resident of Easton, Connecticut


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2 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Sydney R.

  1. Sydney,
    I really liked reading your piece! It was very descriptive. I like that you put Disney movies because I like them too! We both have put a lover of dance. You could have put the shows that you like on Netflix.

    Olivia Parcells

  2. Sydney,
    I really enjoyed your poem. Some of my favorite lines are “who gives eternal devotion to her laptop” and also “daughter of Grace and Jay”. However, I think you should work on elaborating the little details of your poem. For example, what do you like about Disney movies? The songs, the characters, or the plot? If you described the reasons, it will make it more interesting to the reader and more fun to read. You did a really good job!

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