Bio-Poem: Tom G.

Patient, honest, respectful, easy-going
Son of Tom and Trish, brother of John (age 7), and Grace (age 11)
Lover of sushi, spicy food, metal music, and classic muscle cars
Who finds happiness in traveling, sleeping, and swimming
Who needs less homework, new shoes, and crushed red pepper on my pizza
Who gives help to family, friends, and not enough attention to my dog
Who fears heights, bears, and house centipedes
Who would like a more peaceful world, to go to a Slipknot concert, and more sleep
Who enjoys golfing, riding dirt bikes, and cooking
Born in Bridgeport, CT, Resident of Easton and Newtown

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6 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Tom G.

  1. Dear Thomas,
    I liked your piece and thank you for sharing it. I liked how you weren’t afraid to share your fears. I like how you said you wanted to go to a Slipknot concert. Maybe you could elaborate why you like to golf, ride dirt bikes, and cooking.


    1. Dear Nichols,

      Thanks for the comment. As to your question, I’m not really sure why I enjoy those things, I just do. Ill have to think about that one.


  2. Thomas (middle name) Ganim,
    I like your piece, thank you for writing it. I enjoy when you talk about how you like classic muscle cars, spicy food, sushi, and metal music. It is a very good line, that explains more to me about you than I thought. I did not know you liked sushi or muscle cars. Think to yourself: what could I add to help the reader understand what kind of muscle cars you like. For example do you like mustangs or fords? If so what models? I think if you add that extra bit, you’ll start improving in no time.

    Matthew Johnston

    1. Dear Matt,

      Thank you for commenting! It’s a very wholesome experience for me to read comments on my writing. To answer your question, my favorite/dream car is a 1967 Camaro SS with headers, and I enjoy sushi with raw fish and without avocado. Thank you for your comment, ill have to get busy writing, busy busy busy!

  3. Thomas,
    I really enjoyed reading your Bio-Poem. It didn’t seem like you had much trouble sharing your Bio-Poem as you included a lot about you. It really sums up you as a person and I can tell you put a lot of thought into it. However, I wish I had gotten more information from the poem. After reading it I am still wondering to myself; “Why are you scared of centipedes?” and “What is your favorite Slipknot song?” If you added that in I think it would have made your writing even stronger. Great job.
    Theodore Albano

    1. Dear Theo,

      I am scared of house centipedes because they’re infested in my house, look really gross and ugly, and carry venom on their many legs. Also the fact that the Japanese keep them as pets. MY favorite Slipknot songs are Psychosocial, Surfacing, The Devil In I, The Blister Exists, and another one that has an inappropriate title. Thanks for the comment and the advice.

      Your boy,

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