Bio-Poem: Trevor W.


Lively, Productive, Persistent, Resourceful

Son of William and Claire, brother of Colin

Lover of food, family and being in the outdoors

Who feels thankful for all of our history, our modern day technology, and good friends

Who finds happiness in a good night’s sleep, the carefree feeling of summer, and being in the midst of an amazing book

Who needs inspiration in everything that he does, the comforting hand of family, and some alone time every day to recollect myself

Who gives help to my brother and anyone who needs it, encouragement to others where it is necessary, and maybe too little time to do anything recreational

Who fears loneliness, conflict, and the future of our world

Who would like to see the Dallas Cowboys have a great season, world peace, and London

Who enjoys being with friends, camping, and playing football in my backyard

Who likes to wear soft tee shirts, athletic shorts, and my really comfortable Sauconys

Born in Norwalk, CT, resident of Easton


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