Bio-Poem:Chloe R.


Sympathetic, intelligent, cheerful and determined

Daughter of Elisabeth and Vincent, sister of Sophie

Lover of animals, my family and my friends

Who feels thankful that I have a house to live in, an education and a family that loves me

Who finds happiness in music, gymnastics and dogs

Who needs a dog, a sport to love, and my family to support me

Who gives my best effort on homework, school, and projects

Who fears snakes, spiders and poisonous frogs

Who would like to see Niagara Falls, Australia and Africa

Who enjoys German Shepherd dogs, sports and gymnastics

Who like to wear capri leggings, converse and nike sneakers

Born in England, resident of Easton


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2 thoughts on “Bio-Poem:Chloe R.

  1. Chloe,

    I liked the part where you said you would like to see Niagara Falls, Australia, and Africa. I also said that I wanted to see Africa. I also liked that you gave a link to see German Shepards.

    Isabel Llach

  2. Chloe you have a great poem. You are definitely determined and intelligent. You have good detail in your poem. I like the part when you said you like German Shepard dogs because they are so cute. One thing that you could have added is why you love them so much. You have such a great poem. Maddie D.

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