Bio Poem – Ben C.



Persistent, rational, relaxed, witty

Son of Tom and Letitia, brother of William and Thomas

Lover of his one cat, family, and food

Who feels thankful for a home, good health, and our country

Who finds happiness in friends, video games, and holidays

Who needs sleep, food, and time to relax

Who gives advice, hugs to his cat, and ideas for dinner

Who fears onions, no internet, and losing things of value

Who would like to see Europe, California, and a blue whale

Who enjoys music, computers, playing ping-pong with his dad

Who likes to wear gray shirts, blue shirts, and sweat pants in the winter

Born in Bridgeport hospital, resident of Easton


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2 thoughts on “Bio Poem – Ben C.

  1. Ben,

    Your bio poem was amazing. I really liked the part where you talked about how you want to see Europe and a blue whale. This is a great part because you can absolutely elaborate more. There are little details you can add. For example, where and what in Europe would you like to see? Why would you like to see it? What about seeing a blue whale would be special to you? When you add these things, your writing will just be that much better.


  2. Ben,

    I enjoyed reading your bio poem, thank you for sharing it. I liked the part where you said what you feared because I thought it was really funny. I think that you could have added more about what you like to wear such as why you like to wear them and things like that.


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