Bio Poem: Joe


Happy, Funny, Caring, Active


Son of Joe and Donna


Brother of sofia 11 henry 5 david 4 mark infant


Lover of quads, Fishing, and my family


Who feels thankful for snow, dogs, and the outdoors


Who finds hapieness in vermont, snowmobiling, and bike riding


Who needs snow, vermont, and a place to fish


Who gives joy, love, and hapieness


Who fears bugs, falling, and astroids


Who would like to see an eclipse, myself graduate, and to see a massive tuna on the end of my fishing line.


Who enjoys vermont, computers, and winter


Who likes to where light shirts, shorts, and sweatshirts


Born in bridgeport, resident of Easton

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2 thoughts on “Bio Poem: Joe

  1. Dear joe

    i like how much we have in common. i like in your story when you said you would like to see a big tuna on the end of your line. i agree with you that we need more places to fish

  2. Joe,

    I really liked reading your bio poem. My favorite line was “to see a massive tuna on the end of my fishing line”. I liked that because it tells the reader exactly what you like to do, fishing. I think to improve your poem you could do is edit a little bit and check the spellings of some words.


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