Matthew J. Bio Poem


Benignant, Brahmin, Leader, Dependent

Son of Todd and Joelle, Brother of Nate, Zach, and Gabi

Lover of Computers, Comics, and Gaming

Who feels thankful for freedom, government, and Harambe

Who finds happiness in Donald Trump’s “interesting” speeches, family, and books

Who needs vital organs, food, and water

Who gives back to the world, money to charity, and friends

Who fears death, crabs, and falling

Who would like to see his brothers go to middle school, money raining from the sky, and a small beach house in South Carolina

Who enjoys comics, video, games, and sleeping

Who likes to wear T-Shirts, jet black shorts, and bright neon Nike free-run sneakers

Born in Miami, Resident of Easton


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2 thoughts on “Matthew J. Bio Poem

  1. Dear Matt,

    I have a deep regard for your Bio Poem that you wrote, and I give thanks to our lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God, for granting you permission to write this article of poetry. I like how your were very honest about your necessity for your internal organs, your respect to Lord Harambe, who sacrificed his life for that little boy’s parents’ sins, as well as your traits of benignant and brahmin (your sure are!). As well as your liking for Donald Trump’s rallies and speeches.
    I would suggest being a bit more specific along the lines of what types of comics you like, what types of videos and games you enjoy, and what stage of human sleep gives you the best satisfaction. After that, this piece will be out of this world!

    Tom Ganim

  2. Hey Matt, I know that you’re in high school now and that I’ve known you for a while, but even from this bio-poem I learned something new about you. I never knew that you had a fear of crabs. Being born in Miami, I thought you wouldn’t care for crabs. Well I guess i’m a little scared of crabs too… After what happened a few years ago I assumed you would be scared of tire swings or at least another concussion. You also mention your passion for “gaming” several times. I can relate XD. Finally, somewhere in the middle of your bio-poem you mentioned your opinions on politics. It’s funny because I never knew some of these things. But it kind of makes sense because you don’t just go up to someone and say, “Hey! I’m a Trump supporter!” (Unless maybe they bring up the topic…)

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