Adrianna’s Letter Essay #2: A Work In Progress

Recently, I finished reading A Work In Progress, a 212-page memoir book by a 24 year old Youtube sensation, Connor Franta. A Work In Progress is Connor Franta’s memoir. He tells stories about when he was just a “small town kid” in Wisconsin. The book was originally published on April 21, 2015. It has received the “Goodreads Choice Award for Best Memoir and Autobiography.” I read this book because I found this topic very interesting, especially since I like watching Youtube videos. I attempted to read the book once last year, but could not really get into it, so I just read the dialog. Now that I am more familiar with Youtube and social media I decided to give it another chance because I can really relate to it now.

In the memoir A Work In Progress the book describes Connor Franta’s challenges going
from “just a small town kid” to where he is in life now – a Youtube star. Many
people would think that an internet sensation like Connor would have the best
life ever, but what they don’t realize is that Connor is a person just like everyone
else. When Connor was little, at home he always wanted the TV remote. Sometimes
one of his 3 siblings would have it, so he would always try to wrestle one of
them to try and get it. Because he was a little overweight he quickly ran out
of breath, so he wouldn’t always win.

Later in life Connor wanted people to listen to him while he was talking, but everyone would always be on their phone. He and his friends came up with the game “All Phones In The Center Of The Table”. It’s a game where everyone at the dinner table puts their phone in the middle and the first person to reach for their phone has to pay for dinner or pay for the meal.

I liked the way the author included many pictures throughout the book. For example on page 4 there is a picture of Connor with a wooden twitter sign in the bushes. Why? I think he did that to show that social media is a big part of  life and that’s what makes him happy. His smile was from ear to ear so you could tell he was happy. The picture really speaks for itself.

I was moved by the quote on the back of the book. “I’m just a small-town kid trying to figure out my place in the big, wide world. I’ve only been around for twenty-two years, and there’s so much left for me to explore and learn.” I feel like so many young people could
relate to this quote, especially those of us from small towns, since we all
have so much to learn and see.  I think the quote could also give people the
courage that they have been looking for.

I would say the theme of this is that anything is possible. So many people think that it’s impossible to do what they want and succeed. For example, if a girl wants to play football they should be able to play football because it shouldn’t matter whether they are a
girl. People might try to bring them down and then they might feel like their
goal is impossible.

Finally, I was interested in the passage when Connor won a plastic crown in high school. Connor writes “I’m sitting on a stage in my high school auditorium, and the entire student body is staring at me, weighing my royal prospects. Thank the Lord none of my family is present- that would only add to the nerves. Next to me, in this indoor theater of sorts, five other juniors are filled with equal trepidation, if not quite as much dread, (some are in school plays; others are star athletes and love being on stage) (page 75). What I love about this passage is that it really paints a picture in the reader’s mind. You can picture him just sitting on the stage being very uncomfortable with sweat dripping down his face. He seems to not like being the center of attention, which he says later on. Much of the book is like this which is what makes it wonderful, and must be why most of his several million followers love it. I am glad that I read this book. A Work In Progress is a 8 out of 10. I look forward to reading it again.

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2 thoughts on “Adrianna’s Letter Essay #2: A Work In Progress

  1. Dear Adrianna,
    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay. I can also relate that I like watching YouTube videos. I really liked how much detail you included in your first paragraph. It allows the reader to understand exactly why you chose the book. One piece of advice I have for you is to include more evidence to back up your reasons. Other than that, I thought you did a great job.

    Amelia Wasco

  2. Dear Adrianna,

    I really liked reading your letter essay. I think it is interesting that this book included the “All Phones At the Center of the Table” game. This reminded me of a show called Brain Games, where they did an experiment in which the participants played this game. It was interesting to watch the people make weird movements when they heard their phones ring. Something you could work on is putting more text evidence to support your ideas. I am curious about how Conner became a You Tube star. This sounds like a book I would be interested in.


    Meghan Ogrinz

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