Callie’s Letter Essay #3: [Book Title]

Dear Classmates,

Recently, I have finished the book North of Beautiful, a 373 page novel by Justina Chen Headley. This book is about a girl named Terra Cooper finding her true path to beauty. Whenever somebody looks at her the only thing they notice is her scar that’s across her cheek

. Terra Cooper wants to find her true path of beauty but she doesn’t know how so she has to find a way. She wants to leave her small town but her father gets in the way of her doing so, so she has to find a way around him. She wants to find her true beauty but she keeps running into people that she connects with, but it sets her off of her path she want to follow, so she has to  leave them behind and follow what she wants.

The character development in this book is very well put together. The author adds a lot of small details about the character in the beginning that helps the reader understand the character more. Also it is very helpful for a author to develop the character so the reader can visualize the character, have a better understanding of the story overall.

I liked the way the author made the character a teen because a lot of teen think that way. That they aren’t pretty enough and they need to change themselves to fit in. The author really tries to get teens connected with the book since they are trying to find their own path.

Personally, I didn’t really enjoy the book I enjoy historical fiction not fiction, because I like to read about things that could happen or things that have already happened. If I had to recommend this book to anyone I would definitely recommend it to teens and up I feel like kids under that won’t really understand the whole plot of the book. I won this  book at a book fair and I just started to read it because I have it. I didn’t read it because i liked what the back said I just started to read it because I had it with me at the time.

My favorite part of the book was when it says:

“Beauty real everlasting beauty lives not on our faces, but in our attitude and our actions. It lives in what we do for ourselves and for others.” This is my favorite part because it explains what true beauty is and says what Terra should follow. The book is all about how Terra finds her true beauty and this explains what she has to understand.


Callie Standen

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2 thoughts on “Callie’s Letter Essay #3: [Book Title]

  1. Dear Callie,

    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay and I thought it was very well written. I have never heard of this book, and after reading your essay, I am very interested in reading it. I really liked how you put what your favorite part of the book was and how you wrote about the character development. Overall, good job writing your essay!

    Lucy Witherbee

  2. Dear Callie,

    You did a really good job on your letter essay! It was a pleasure to read. I really liked your summary and how you gave a good amount of detail but didn’t give out the ending or anything super important. This definitley sounds like a book I would enjoy reading! I also really enjoyed reading your thoughts and analysis on the passage you chose from your book. Overall it was a really good letter essay!


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