Mia’s Letter Essay #3: The Selection

I recently finished reading The Selection  a 336 page realistic-fiction novel, written by Kiera Cass who is an American Writer of numerous young-adult realistic fiction novels. The Selection has gotten many good reviews and is a very popular book. I read this book because all my friends were reading it and told me it was a great read. The Selection tells a story about a girl named America that goes into this competition to win the money since her family are considered “5’s”. At this competition, America really has to go through some trouble. A girl named Celeste, really has it out for America. One thing Celeste did, was that America was wearing this dress and Celeste got jealous so America and Celeste got into a fight and America’s beautiful dress ended up getting ripped by Celeste. I was surprised that America wanted to stay after that. But, you gotta do what you gotta do, because America’s family needed that money. While reading  The Selection, I was thinking about if America was ever going to just snap and quit the competition.

This book has a lot of important parts involved in it. It’s not easy for America’s family balancing out with not much money, so America joined The Selection for the prize money but there are many girls involved in The Selection so, America is trying her hardest to stay in The Selection. That is one important part. Another important part, is when Celeste wants Maxon to like her but, he likes America more than he likes her so, Celeste rips America’s pretty dress. One last example of an important part, is when America wants and needs to win The Selection but, there are so many girls higher in rank than her so, she kisses up to Maxon.

I was confused when Celeste got jealous of America and they got into a fight. I was thinking to myself, is Celeste really that jealous of America and Maxon that she would rip her dress? I knew that no one could have just let the thought go that Maxon and America were spending so much time together. Obviously, America couldn’t tell me Maxon about the whole Celeste problem because knowing Celeste, she would change the story and make America look bad. So, America kept her lips sealed and kept quiet and still, has never told Maxon any of it. That just goes to show how much America’s family needs the money and she is determined to win The Selection or just make it as far as she can till the end. Maxon knew that Celeste was trouble though but, he still kept her in The Selection. That is one part of the book that I did not quite understand. If she’s so much trouble, why let her stay? I would recommend this book to teenagers, partially girl that like fairytalish-realistic fiction. This book is book 1 out of 4 in The Selection series.


Mia Prizio

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2 thoughts on “Mia’s Letter Essay #3: The Selection

  1. Mia,
    I really like all the description you used in the essay. This book seem really interesting and I would love to read it myself. I also liked how you incorporated a question that you had into the essay, which was “Is Celeste really that jealous of America and Maxon that she would rip her dress?” I thought it was really good to add that and then after add your thinking. Don’t forget to add your rating of the book at the end and maybe add a bit more description into tell us readers what the Selection is, and what you do in the competition. Other than that I really liked your letter essay and I am really interested to read it!

  2. Mia,
    I really liked the description you used in your essay. It seems like you really enjoyed the book! I really like how you were able to identify a “signpost” in your book which was, “Is Celeste really that jealous of America and Maxon that she would rip her dress?” It was really good how you followed up that question with your own thinking! Don’t forget to give your book a rating and try to separate you summary paragraph from the beginning paragraph. This will help readers to decipher when the paragraph starts and ends easier. One more thing, try to describe what the Selection is. For example include what you do in it, who is eligible to enter, what you win, etc. etc. Overall though, great job. By adding just these few thing your writing will become much stronger! Great job!!

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