Coco’s Letter-Essay #3: Chomp

November 21, 2016

         I just recently finished Chomp, a 290-page realistic fiction book. The author is Carl Hiaasen he was born and raised in Florida, where most of his books are set, including Chomp. He also writes more adult books than children books, but recently started writing them. Chomp did not win a Newbery honor award but one of the other books he wrote, was Hoot which won an award. I chose this book because it was a realistic fiction genre and I need that for my reading challenge. I also have seen other people read it and it seems interesting, so I gave it a try.

          In the book Chomp, there’s this family that lives in Florida the dad, Mickey is an animal Catcher that removes animals from people’s homes. The mom, Mrs. Cray goes to Shanghai, China and is not heard of in the book for a long while. And Wahoo, the 12-year-old boy who is not like any other 12-year-old boy in his grade. He has to deal with taking care of the animals which are a huge responsibility, keeping them fed, and feeling well. He also has to make sure they behave themselves and not bite or hurt anyone. His father helps him out too but he’s too busy taking care of his own self. In the beginning, an iguana falls off a tree he was walking by and hits him in the head and he has to go to the hospital. Then they get a call from a show called Expedition Survival! because they know that Mickey has big and long animals like alligators and pythons and the show wants them. The assistant of the star in the show comes over to their house to take a look around their house like the type of animals they have, and their backyard for the show. So then later when the star of the show comes, which is Derek, finds this alligator he wants to wrestle during the show. But Mickey didn’t know that Derek wanted to wrestle them. Mickey hates when people don’t treat animals well. But if Mickey doesn’t let Derek use his alligator then he doesn’t get the money that they need to pay off their bank loans. But Mickey does let him use the alligator eventually and then Derek comes over with the cameramen and films Expedition Survival! In their backyard. So now if you want to know more about the book, you’re just going to have to read it.

         I was surprised and worried when Mickey went into their python cage and the python started squeezing him. I thought Mickey was going to die or lose a limb. I was also wondering why the python was trying to eat Mickey, not his regular food. Then when Mickey called in Wahoo for help, Wahoo got their emergency liquor for these purposes and  Mickey took it and just put a little on the python’s tongue so it would back off and release Mickey. Then after that, Mickey asked Wahoo if he fed the python and Wahoo admitted he forgot. It’s really important to make sure their python is fed at all times so this doesn’t happen.

         I liked the way the author made fun of Derek Badger a lot. Derek isn’t really a survivalist at all it’s all fake. Before all Derek’s shows, he gets a spray tan to look like he’s been out in the sun the whole time but no. You would think at least his tan is real from just being outside. The people that watch his show actually believes him and doesn’t understand all the things he has to do to make it look real, which is sad.

        Overall I would rate Chomp a 10/10.

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2 thoughts on “Coco’s Letter-Essay #3: Chomp

  1. Dear Coco

    I have also read Chomp and I loved this book I like how you reacted to this book you were very specific on what you were reacting to like when you were reacting to Mickey and the python when you talked about the author making fun of Derek Badger. Keep it up good job

  2. Coco who was your favorite character and why? mine was Tuna her backstory and how she was strong was great to add to the story

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