Birch’s Letter Essay #3: [Book Title]

Birch Kellogg

A Taste of Blackberries

Dear blog,

Yesterday I finished the book A Taste of Blackberries. An 85 page novel by Doris Buchanan Smith. She was born on June 1, 1934. A Taste of Blackberries was her most successful book.

Again it is a very successful book. It sold lots of copies.A lot of people have commented on it and have said it was a great book.I read this book because it was on the teacher’s favorite shelf. Also I read the back, and was very interested in it. It just seemed like a great book to me.

In the book A Taste of Blackberries. The boy and Jamie went to the river but they were hungry so the climbed the fence to get apples. The boy and Jamie didn’t want to help Mrs. Houser but she offered money so the accepted. Jamie was playing around the bee hole but accidentally made the bees come out so they ran. The boy saw Jamie on the ground so he ran away because he thought he was faking. The boy heard the ambulance coming but it stopped and picked up Jamie. Read the book to find out what happens.

I was angry when the boy didn’t help Jamie. This really upset me I couldn’t believe he thought he was faking. This also made me feel really bad for Jamie because no one came to help him. I don’t get why the author didn’t put more detail into the book. It seemed like she rushed through the book. It was good but not enough detail. If I was the author I would have put more detail and time into the book so we could feel more for the main character. My favorite passage is when they are going to get apples. “The man had come out onto his porch. I fancied I saw a shotgun cradled in his arms. It was to far away for me to be sure.I ducked. What would I do if Jamie got shot?”What this does is it really makes your heart beat and want to read on.Also it leaves you in lots of suspense. All and all this makes me read on and makes me think about what’s gonna happen to Jamie.I rate this book 7/10 because of how good it is but it needs more details. I’m gonna to read this again.

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1 thought on “Birch’s Letter Essay #3: [Book Title]

  1. Dear Birch

    I liked your letter essay mainly because of how you described it and how you reacted to the text. For example you said you were angry that the boy didnt help Jamie I like it whenever a writer reacts and tells what they think good job Birch

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